For thousands of years, weed preparations have been used to treat pain. Its applications have been described, among other things, as an analgesic in surgery, as an anti-inflammatory, as an antidote to gout, to neuralgia (nerve pain), migraines and toothache and also as a remedy for painful menstrual cramps. The mechanisms of action for pain therapy by cannabinoids have been very well researched and prove the remarkable effect several times. Inhalation of cannabis is often avoided because the effects are short-lived and therefore need to be administered several times. Oral cannabis is usually preferred because its action lasts many times longer and even chronic pain can be treated.

THC has also been shown to reduce phantom pain after amputation. Several studies compared patients with painful spasticity after spinal cord injury. Some of them were given 5 mg of THC, others 50 mg of codeine and the control group a placebo. The result was that THC and codeine were analgetic superior to placebo. However, of the two effective drugs, THC was superior to codeine and significantly reduced spasticity.

Another study showed that THC/CBD extract provided better pain relief in 24 patients with neurogenic symptoms (nerve pain) than placebo.

A morphine patient with abdominal pain who received 30 mg of morphine daily for analgesia was given 10 mg of THC /CBD extract five times a day for six weeks. The CBD counters the psychotropic, behavioural-altering effects of THC. The need for morphine and pain intensity was measured in the THC/CBD and in a placebo phase. The need for morphine could be reduced many times in the THC/CBD phase (p < 0.001).

In ten cancer patients, a major pain reduction was observed when 5, 10, 15 and 20 mg of oral THC were administered compared to placebo. In 12 women, doses of sublingual THC extracts of 2.5, 5 and 7.5 mg were administered after postoperative pain after hysterectomy. The pain relief was optimal after 2 hours and lasted no longer than 3 hours. When the THC was given in capsule form, the effect lasted longer and after six hours only half of the patients needed additional painkillers.

In general, it should be mentioned that the use of cannabis as a painkiller has side effects such as drowsiness or high feeling, but these should also be weighed against the very different, harmful side effects of morphine.


Pain is a complex sensory perception that, acutely speaking, is intended as a kind of warning signal for the body (nociceptor pain). If the pain is chronic, it usually results from damage to the system(neuropathic pain) and forms a separate clinical picture according to current medicine. The pain is also often the result of reversible functional disorders (e.g. migraine due to poor blood circulation regulation).

The pain itself is passed through the nerve fibers through the body. Especially in chronic pain, the affected person experiences not only the symptoms that affect the body, but usually also the sociopsychological damage, which can completely change the behavior of the person in public. In addition to chronic pain, for example, a large number of patients with advanced-stage cancer have so-called pain attacks, which have a major impact on the quality of life. Such forms of breakthrough pain can also occur with a typically adequate pain treatment.

Pain is usually treated with opioids (e.g. morphine, fentanyl and methanone) and non-opioid painkillers (e.g. salicylic acid derivatives). Adaptive drugs (e.g. antidepressants) are also used that affect the cause of the pain. The choice of the right medication is usually adjusted individually.

Is Cannabis Good for Your Mental Health?

Is Cannabis Good for Your Mental Health?

The famous physicist Richard Feynman says that if you think you have a comprehensive understanding of quantum mechanics, you probably have no knowledge at all. Maybe it’s not a quantum leap to make similar claims about cannabis.

Like many plants, the cannabis plant is not just one substance. Rather, it is a plant containing more than 500 identified chemical ingredients. According to several studies, more than 100 of these constituents are cannabinoids. When administered to the body, they function by setting up a natural communication network in both the brain and the entire body system, known as the endocannabinoid system. As a result, different combinations and permutations of cannabinoid dosages can affect numerous psychological and physiological processes in different ways. Some of these include appetite, gastrointestinal functions, memory, pain, immunity, movement, inflammation, mental health, and so on.

There may be exciting news about the complexity of cannabis, as it offers a promising potential treatment potential for varying degrees of diseases and ailments. But there’s also something more disturbing. And that’s the existing gap between the much-vaunted hype and the fact-based research that supports this hype. In essence, this care seems to apply specifically to mental health. This is because many media platforms have touted cannabis as an effective treatment option for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and psychosis.

Interestingly, the effectiveness of cannabis on mental health cannot be pigeonholed as strictly harmful or useful. Instead, there have been fruitful discussions about the potential harm and benefits of cannabis, which require both careful and nuanced considerations in the scientific literature.

As indicated in a recent review document in the International Review of Psychiatry, the influence of cannabis on mental health is really complicated. For example, the influence of the endocannabinoid system, apart from depression, is clear, because science has shown that the endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in the regulation of mood.

Lately there have been many mixed messages on the issue of cannabis over the years. This is not surprising because of the complexity of the problems surrounding the cannabis plant and the conduct of research related to cannabis. The irony of the discussion, however, lies in the fact that people emotionally and politically think they are becoming polarized. When it comes to issues related to mental health and addiction, one must be careful not to be blinded by unfounded ideologies and lazy thinking.

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With the new developments in the cannabis markets, enthusiasts and traders have so many reasons to be enthusiastic. The two sides can now do business without physical contact.

If you buy weed online, carefully view the photos and then select the type you want. Because of the difference in the effects that the species causes, you need to sort carefully. The CBD and THC content varies by species.


In general, weed is used for recreational or medicinal purposes. The rules for the purchase and consumption of weed vary from state to state. For the states that have yet to legalize weed, it is impossible to order weed online.

All types and related variants are available in our online pharmacy. On our website, clear photos of the species are taken and posted, to guide you in choosing the optimal species for you.

Prior to the choice, it is important that you know the characteristics of fresh weed. These properties depend on the purpose you want to use it for. The following properties are characteristics of healthy and fresh weed;
The buttons are green in color and not of any other color. The photos on our website are in color, so you can easily see the green color.

Smell is also an aspect when testing quality; however, this does not apply to online purchases. However, this is possible with delivery. To be clear: adult weed produces a pungent smell that is more of a diesel smell, because of its terpene content.

The structure of the buttons are tight and closed. Its distribution must be uniform. The photos show all this before you decide to place an order.

Trichomen; ripe trichomas are a testament to ripe and well grown weed.


This is the active part of the cannabis plant. It is known for its ability to curb epilepsy syndrome in children. Over the years, CBD has not caused a “high” effect on the body. Therefore, it is more common in most diets and supplements than THC. Offered in the following forms; cream, suppositories, E-liquid paste andoil.

Some studies show that it can be used to treat anxiety, to treat chronic pain (usually in cancer patients), to find sleep for people suffering from insomnia. If you experience one of these problems, you order CBD and not necessarily the full weed.


This is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Associated with the “high” feeling among recreational users. Order THC and use it to treat insomnia, low appetite, muscle disturbance, chronic. pain, nausea, anxiety and glaucoma.

It is extracted directly from the marijuana plant. Available in the following forms; oil capsules, edibles, tinctures and smokedgoods.

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Also called marijuana/cannabis oil, it is obtained from the cannabis plant. Because of the flowering buds, this plant contains a relatively high amount of THC and is therefore used for the extraction of THC oil.

In the laboratory, alcohol extracts resin from the cannabis plant and then evaporates, leaving the oil behind. It’ll be ready for sale. You can order THC oil through our website and get it in any quantity you want.

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