order safe weed

order safe weed

Order weed safely? It’s easier than you think.
Check out which Weed species suits you through our strain guide.
Then check if you want to buy 2 grams or 5 grams.
Checkout and pay easily via bank transfer.
It is also possible to deal with bitcoin.
Bitcoin keeps you completely anonymous.

Order weed

Ordering weed had never been easier.
No more waiting in a coffeshop but just easy to order online.
All our orders are delivered home within 1 – 2 business days.
Also, the strain guide can help you find the right species.
More than 10 types of Cannabis cup winners on front.
The best weed you order at

What types of Weed do we have in stock?

– Amnesia haze
– Candy kush
– Power plan
– Enemy of the state
– Gorilla Glue
– Mimosa

There is also this kind of Hashish in stock.

– Maroc Polm

Pre-twisted joints

– Amnesia haze
– Candy kush
– Enemy of the state
– Gorilla Glue
– Mimosa
– Polm

Veder is also for sale to us.

– Thc honey
– Thc candies 10/100mg
– Thc chocalade bar
– Thc E-liquid
– Thc Vape

Order and receive safe weed

All our orders are sent in blank envelopes.
All our orders are also evacuated.
So no one can see or smell what you ordered.
In addition, we send our orders for belgium in Belgium.
So you will never be bothered by customs.

What kind of Weed should I smoke?

We recommend that you always use the strain guide.
The strain guide is made by us so that we can help our customers make the right choice.
The first time you want to smoke Weed, we recommend you Hashish.
Hashish is much milder than Weed, so you will have less side effects.

Weed effects

-State of mind strengthened
– Marijuana and hashish enhance the feeling or mood at the time of use.
– Those who feel good will probably experience a pleasant feeling of cheerfulness and a slightly numbing effect (a ‘high’ and ‘stoned’ feeling).
Sometimes one just gets the limp smile (‘laugh kick’).

Use weed safely

Smoking weed seems very harmless tog we recommend you to be careful.
Always make sure you’ve eaten enough to use Weed.
Aren’t you in your skin? then we do not recommend smoking Weed!
Weed amplifies the emotions take only weed if you are mentally fine.
Always consult a doctor for the use ofWeed.
What kind of side effects can I get if I use THC?

These are the most common side effects

– Those who feel bad can feel even worse. Cannabis reinforces the mood of the moment.
– A high dose of THC can also make one dizzy and nauseous, and sometimes even faint. This risk exists especially if you eat cannabis or have no experience with cannabis.
– The THC in cannabis can sometimes induce negative feelings. This can be fear, panic, gloom, unrest and confusion, and even hallucinations (this is called ‘flipping’ or a ‘bad trip’).
– Under the influence of cannabis, it is more difficult to concentrate.
– Cannabis first increases heart rate and blood pressure and then decreases.
– Cannabis use can lead to acute (sudden) psychotic symptoms.
– Cannabis is dangerous in traffic. Drivers under the influence are twice as likely to cause an accident than sober.
– Do not use cannabis if you want to become pregnant, during your pregnancy or breastfeedingperiod.

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