Gorilla Girl Joint (0.35 Grams)



Gorilla Girl Joint (0.35 grams)

Gorilla Girl Joint (0.35 Grams)

This species came from two American species, Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, merged and became the strong Gorilla Girl. A special phenotype comes from Girl Scout Cookies called “Thin Mint” and was used to develop this Gorilla Girl species. With its powerful THC of 25%, Gorilla Girl is a very powerful beast. The flavours and aromas range from cypress wood, citrus and earth.


Some describe the aroma as an intense mixture of cypress wood, earth and citrus. The effects are positive and cerebral with a cheerful, creative euphoria. Both of Gorilla Girl’s parents are known for their potency, so watch your dosage! This species is strong and can remove stress, nausea and pain with just a few blows.


Medicinal effect:

Increase appetite

Reduce chronic pain

Help with insomnia

Reducing depression

Help with chronic stress


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