Mimosa Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

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Mimosa Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

Mimosa consists mainly of sativa genetics
The gene that smokes Mimosa will feel zich wonderfully quiet and relaxed.
The mind itself also comes to its senses.
This type of weed is ideal for people who want to smoke during the morning and or afternoon.
For the evening blower also a fine kind of weed type to smoke when one comes home fromwork.
One wants to be able to splash down on the couch and watch a series and light that joint in peace.
This is what the Mimosa pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams) is made for!

This weed gives the smoker a cheerful daze.
One feels happy and nice and carefree.
during this fine high you will be able to put all the stress and worry of the day off well!
This kind of weed is also very tasty when you smoke it together with friends and acquaintances.
This weed kind stimulates and relaxes.


Mimosa is a revolutionary weed.

Mimosa gives the user a good thick stoned mood where you can hang out on the couch and relax.
This is due to the high THC content present in this weed. (THC 22%)
This beautiful plant is perfect for blowers who are just starting out and blowers who do it all a bit longer.
Do you want to enjoy a nice tasty plant? Then buy Mimosa Pre-turned Joint (0.35 Grams)!

You will taste when you smoke Mimosa that she is sweet in taste.
She reminds you of a trip to the Caribbean islands
Effect: Stimulating, euphoric, creative, despanen,more social.

Lovers of good weed will be satisfied with the spicy, tropical and lemon like hint of fruits.
This sativa dominant weed is perfect for daytime and feeding for the brain.
You can expect spontaneous energy bursts that are accompanied by a rousing and motivating feeling.
During the day one will experience an energetic and happy high.
The THC levels are between 24 to 31%.

Medicinal effect:

Removes stress

Reduces depression

Works against pain complaints

Works against Parkinson’s symptoms

Good to fall asleep with

Helps with concentrating

8 reviews for Mimosa Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

  1. Mitchel

    Loving it right now…

  2. Anonymous

    Came early, clean packing

  3. Romaguera

    8 days only and its fast

  4. Tom

    wow, it’s my first time to order here and I am happy

  5. Anonymous

    Turned out great!

  6. Anonymous

    good roll. Good price

  7. Anand

    My mates loved it. Bought it as a gift

  8. Ibrahim

    test buy is good, I think I will order the buds next

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