KILO Sunday Driver THC Vape


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Sunday Driver THC Vape

Destylaty THC marki KILO

90% czystego THC

Brak dodatków PG/VG ani witaminy E


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6 opinii dla KILO Sunday Driver THC Vape

  1. Ton (zweryfikowany)

    no comment

  2. Vincent (zweryfikowany)

  3. Hein (zweryfikowany)

    Genau wie die Beschreibung. Sunday Drive ✌

  4. Gitte (zweryfikowany)

    Quick delivery. The strain is good for evening use, makes me smile and chill and after a while tired for bedtime. Next morning i wake up early and full of energy.
    Im vaping with a pen on lowest temperatur, i read this as recommendation on the product page of the pen. The taste is sour and earthy. I realy like it and can recommend 🙂

  5. Christian Weber (zweryfikowany)

  6. Christian Weber (zweryfikowany)

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