Amnesia Haze Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

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Amnesia Haze Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

Amnesia Haze.
A Sativa with a nicetaste.
The one who smokes Enemy of the State will feel wonderfully calm and relaxed.
The mind itself also comes to its senses.
The high of Amnesia haze is quickly palpable.
The taste is smooth and strong.
This type of weed is ideal for people who want to smoke during the morning and or afternoon.
For the evening blower also a fine kind of weed type to smoke when one comes home fromwork.
One wants to be able to splash down on the couch and watch a series and light that joint in peace.
This is what the enemy of the state For turned Joint (0.35 Grams) is made for!


Amnesia haze smoker experiences a cheerful daze.

One feels happy and nice and carefree.
during this fine high you will be able to put all the stress and worry of the day off well!
This kind of weed is also very tasty when you smoke it together with friends and acquaintances.
This weed kind stimulates and relaxes.


Amnesia haze is a revolutionary weed.

Amnesia haze gives the user a good thick stoned mood where you can hang out on the couch and relax.
This is due to the high THC content present in this weed. (THC 22%)
This beautiful plant is perfect for blowers who are just starting out and blowers who do it all a bit longer.
Do you want to enjoy a nice tasty plant? Then buy Amnesia haze Pre-turned Joint (0.35 Grams)!
You will notice if you smoke this weed that it smells and tastes nice and sweet.
She reminds you of a trip to the Caribbean islands
Effect: Stimulating, euphoric, creative, despanen,more social.

Medicinal effect:

Removes stress

Reduces depression

Works against pain complaints

Works against Parkinson’s symptoms

Good to fall asleep with

Helps with concentrating

12 reviews for Amnesia Haze Pre-twisted Joint (0.35 Grams)

  1. Rocio

    It’s 1 joint, I should have bought more

  2. Lauretta

    Perfect order for a test run, came 6 days

  3. Anonymous

    My father was able to use it for his pain

  4. Ajay

    9 days. Nice.

  5. Anonymous

    This was a good way for me to try many strains to find what I liked

  6. Sebastian

    this test order arrived in 3 days. just great

  7. Anonymous

    good smoke. when you puff you can feel the hit creep up

  8. Charlie

    Joint came great. Smoking it is such a high

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good material ???

  11. Cristina (verified owner)

    Perfection in all ways, they response to any questions,glad to help you and very thoughtfall.
    Si quieres pasar un rato inolvidable y echarte unas risas sin duda acude a su tienda,no te arrepentirás.

  12. brigitte kuckuck (verified owner)

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