YODA OG THC VAPE E-Cartridge Exotic Carts

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YODA OG Exotic Cartridge Vaping

Vape of THC has a lot of advantages and is easy to use!
By burning THC in a joint, the heat breaks down over 40% working THC.
With the vape of THC, the temperature does not exceed 200 degrees Celsius and 95% working THC remains.
Using a vape is much faster than a joint run.
You take a smoke when you need and can enjoy the effect within 10 seconds.
In addition, THC smoking works via a vape 2 x as fast as a joint.
Within 10 – 30 seconds you will feel a stoned feeling after apull.

More economical than THC smoking

The cartiger lasts about 50 – 70 puffs.
For a very stoned effect you only need 3 puffs.
So you can be stoned more than 20 times from 1 Cartridge!
Also it is very easy to dose with a vape.
In addition, we only sell organically grown THC products.

Lab tested

We only want to sell 100% quality products to our customers, therefore we leave all our products laboratory tests every month.
The laboratory what our stuff test is registered in California and specializes in testing for THC.
We also know for sure that there are never other chemicals in our products.


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Qty: 1 Cartridge
Content : 80-85 YODA OG THC Hybrid
Time time operation : 3 – 4 hours
Running time : 10 – 30 seconds
Brand : Exotic Carts



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