THC Honey (Organic) (150ML)

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THC Honey (Organic) (150ML)

THC Honey (Organic) (150ML) contains many importantsubstances.
These substances are:
Amino acids
and many other trace elements.
Honey is healthy for the digestive canal.
It’s great that you can get stonednow.

It’s not just meant to be a sweet maker or substitute for sugar
It’s also incredibly healthy.
For athletes also an important food.
And now also for stoners.
Feel the healthy and stoned properties of this amazing sweet THC-loving jar of honey.

Made from laboratory-tested weed.


All information for eating edibles.

The space honey (honey with thc) is a less common way of eating THC products. This is called a THC edibles. That THC honey seems harmless, it is possible that consuming weed can give an incredibly cool and psychedelic pack. Want to get rock hard/high? Here’s what to expect when you eat a delicious THC cake

Is it better to smoke or eat weed?

The way the body absorbs the substance THC determines the way THC is processed. When you blow, the body absorbs the THC through the lungs. That’s how the blood flow comes in.

With edible weed products from this is different. It takes longer to digest the delicious space honey in the stomach. The THC is absorbed into the stomach. Then it goes through the intestines and the THC ends up in your liver. When the THC is broken down by the liver, it gets into the bloodstream. As a result, it sometimes takes two hours for the feeling of the THC honey to be felt.

You can be high on THC honey for up to 10 hours

If you smoke weed it usually takes up to 3 hours to feel stoned. Edible THC products such as the THC cake last much longer, because edible THC products attach themselves to the visceral fats in your body. A stoned feeling of eight to ten hours is not unusual. In rare cases it takes up to 15 hours. When you are bothering to fall asleep, this THC honey will certainly help with falling asleep.

Never eaten THC honey? Quiet and gradual building is important. never take more than ten mg of THC, and take about two hours. The next day you can take stronger doses

What should you think of when eating THC honey?

With THC honey it is very important to know how strong the THC content in the edible. The THC honey from are lab tested and therefore always pure. Always use THC honey and other edible THC products in a safe and familiar environment.
This ensures you have a fun experience with eating edibles.

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7 reviews for THC Honey (Organic) (150ML)

  1. anonymous

    Tastes great

  2. Leonard

    I highly recommend this with chamomile tea

  3. Anonymous

    love it on everything.

  4. Anonymous

    Edible taste, I thought it will taste bad but it great with pancakes

  5. Bartell

    Good for eating

  6. Anonymous

    Imagine THC with honey. Its greatttt

  7. Anonymous

    used it to make my tea. Cheers..

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