Sunset Sherbert (0.35 Grams)


Sunset Sherbert (0.35 Grams) Joint

Sunset Sherbert (0.35 Grams) Joint

Sunset Sherbert buds are elongated and friable, with tightly curled fern green leaves, with shades of olive green and purple. The orange pistils are sparse and almost merge with the golden trichomes, which line and cover the tips.

This tasty strain smells like orange-citrus, with floral hints and a hint of mint. The taste is rich with the flavors of mint and creamy orange-citrus, followed by a spicy aftertaste.

The cerebral euphoria has been described as trippy and intense. Most users reported feeling aligned with the flow of their creative juices, although some felt their minds were jumping around uncontrollably. One user said he was in a trance, alone in a quiet room, while his imagination kept him busy. This potent Indica can be a bit heavy for novice users. Users unanimously agreed that the calming body effects helped with chronic pain, physical tension and loss of appetite.

Sunset Sherbert is an indica dominant strain, and this strain manifests itself in a wonderful body high. This makes it wonderful to smoke Sunset Sherbert after a hard workout, so that you can relax.


Medicinal effect:

Relieves stress

Reduces depression

Reduces anxiety

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